Our company

The company "PAMAR" Stanislaw Jakubowski was founded in April 1995 and has its headquarters in Szczecin, Poland. It deals with production and sales of window and door profiles, PVC DECEUNINCK, which has Technical Approval ITB No AT-15-2133/2005. The company's philosophy is focused on quality and compatibility of manufactured joinery which leads to consistently increase the share of sales of PVC and aluminum carpentry in the market. The company "PAMAR" in a relatively short time managed to create a dedicated team of employees serving professional advice, which is focused on permanent contacts with customers.

The main strengths of the company are:
- Fast and full customer service,
- The detailed and expert advice,
- Appropriate technical means and equipment to comply with the PVC and aluminum carpentry at a high level.

The company has fulfilled its obligations in a timely manner; the robots do not raise any objections.

The company "PAMAR" Stanislaw Jakubowski has a Certificate of Conformity No. ITB-0987 / In the Technical Approval ITB No AT-15-2133/2005 and Certification Marks.

Windows and doors are made from a reputable German company profiles DECEUNINCK in different sizes, shapes and configurations. Profiles have the required approvals including Approval of the Institute of Construction Technology, Certificate of Hygiene issued by the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw, fire-rated on the degree of flammability issued by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

Profiles are characterized by high resistance to sunlight and weather. In conjunction with the burglar proof security hardware of reputable company "WINKHAUS" get the product fresh, easy to use and maintain.

The company "PAMAR" works equally well in both Polish and foreign markets. Our woodwork was supplied, among Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Belgium and England.