Thanks to the big choice of variety of profiles by “Deceuninck”our company makes windows in all sizes and shapes, standard and custom, so whatever you need, we can make it. We base on’ “Deceuninck” profiles (old Thyssen Polymer) ,” Winkhous” hardware and high quality glass from “Saint-Gobain” we can offer you the highest possible quality fallowing the standards and visual and safety aspects.

We offer big choice of colors:

1.Standard -  7 different colors

2.Custom -  33 different colors

Doors are the entry point of your home and by this they are the representative part of it. We can offer the big range of shapes and colors where everyone can find something for himself.  Working on “Deceuninck” profiles means an enormous range of designs with high technical standards including the unique corner reinforcements. We also provide extras for special ease of operation and additional protection against burglars. 

But windows and doors are not just finishing there, we are also very successful in the production of facades and winter gardens. So just let us know what you need.

To learn more about ‘Deceuninck’ profile systems go to www.deceuninck.com

To learn more about ‘Winkhous ‘hardware read go to www.winkhous.com

To learn more about the glass we use go to www.saint-gobain.com/en


Our aluminum offer consists of products in the form of windows, based on profiles and Ponzio and Aliplast. Depending on your needs we offer profiles of various parameters of thermal insulation, smoke control and fire resistance.

To learn more about Aliplast go to http://www.corialis-group.hu/

To learn more about Ponzio go to http://www.ponzio.pl/en/index.php